Some thoughts to guide future business investments

January 27, 2011

My apologies for being absent from the blog posting world for many months – it has been a busy time, and H2 of 2010 was particularly busy for my business.

Because I get asked for advice on all sorts of topics, I’ve decided to put some pointers/tips/hints/advice all in the one easy to find place.

Some great quotes to consider, when creating the vision of your next business venture:

1. Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity.

2. Your business idea …. If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s Dead.

3. Businesses take note …. The youth of today don’t wake up thinking about your brand.  Stop trying to buy their attention, because nowadays you have to earn it.

In a future blog posting during H1 of 2011, I will explore each of the 3 points above in more detail.

Some great links to check out, to help formulate the details about what your next business venture will be:


2. Bessemer Venture Partners acknowledged some of their big “misses” from the past

3. 100 Best Small Business Podcasts

Some interesting technology statistics from the end of 2010 that your next business venture should be looking to exploit:

  • In the US today (2010), text messages outnumber phone calls
  • Globally, 95% of all text messages are read within 15 Minutes
  • Over 20% of people respond to a text message
  • Globally, twice as many people use text messaging as use email
  • Over 2 billion people have mobile internet access
  • 1.8 billion people will send at least 1 text message today

Some “scary” societal/economic statistics from the end of 2010 that represent some of the imbalances we should be trying to address:

  • China has 140 cities with 1+ Million residents, the whole of Europe has 35 !!!
  • The US is 4% of the total world population, but each year consumes 60% of the worlds total savings !!!
  • In Europe in 2010, there are 4 workers per retiree.  In Europe in 2050, there will be 2 workers per retiree !!!
  • In China, in 2050, there will be 450 Million people aged 60+; there will also be 100 Million people aged 80+.
  • In the US today (2010), 40% of all adults aged 50-65 are already experiencing difficulty with basic activities like walking, and climbing steps.
  • In the US today (2010) 1% of Americans received 25% of ALL personal income, this is also more than the bottom 50% of households put together.

Feel free to contact us, if you want more information, or want to discuss how your business might be able to take account of these trends to create a better business plan and a more sustainable business for the future.