Is this your business – if it is, come talk to me !!

Courtesy of a client who is busy snapping up good businesses all around the globe, I’m looking for businesses that meet this broad profile and are willing to be acquired.

  1. Enterprise Value of between $5M to $30M.
  2. Must have solid Balance Sheet, and P&L, with strong financials for the last 3 FY’s.
  3. Retiring Vendor, or vendor facing Succession Planning issues, but willing to stay with business for 1 to 2 years.
  4. Prepared to sign up to partial deferral of Acquisition amount (but $$’s guaranteed, even if revenue downturn).
  5. MUST have a strong management team, and they must be prepared to stay.
  6. Management Team willing to do a “partial MBO” (eg: provide 5% of acquisition funds for 10% equity stake).
  7. Enterprise Value based on between 3 to 3.5 times EBIT.
  8. Business MUST have substantial Nett Asset Backing (20% to 30%) – can be Property, Plant, Receivables ..etc.
  9. Sectors include …. Light Industrial, Commercial, Construction, Services for Allied Industries to Oil/Mining/Gas.

Come and talk to me if you think this is you and your business.


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